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The younger Guide is very much in a bad mood when he leaves the cells. His clothing is still covered in his own blood, and he's going to have a fun time explaining why it's so dry to the other blades. He's beginning to feel the pangs of hunger in his feeding hand, it is difficult to not get distracted by many of the humans around him. Much of what he took from Amanda was used to heal the wounds from fighting with that human and the security team, at least they didn't shoot or stab him, much.

He stops at the Bar to order a gift for the one he calls Sparks. If his queen allowed blades to keep pets, she'd be his. He asks for a basket of fruit with a note with the name he's given her. He has no idea what her kinds eats, but he assumes, in his young mind, that she eats much like the young of his kind.
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Guide is telepathic, not the kind where he can read your innermost thoughts, but he can pick up on intentions, and those thoughts that you are yelling in your head. You know the kind, like if I were to say, "Don't think of pink elephants." All you can think of are pink elephants, he'd pick up on the thought, as in it's yelling. I am leaving it to you guys weather or not your telepathic pups can hear him or if they are on differing frequencies. Guide can also project what are called ghosts. They are, as I would describe them, grey or white translucent dementors.

For Force users and sensatives, you might be able to pick up on his telepathy but imaging it is like a radio station with the dial slightly tuned to the left... a bit out of sync. One might be able to sense his nature as a creature that feeds on life force.
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There is an alien boy, about 8 years old by human reckoning, running around outside tonight. Yes, it is dark, but he can see just fine. He's also hunting, hunting those dastardly bunnies that live here. So far, he's caught two of them, and he's not really sure what he's going to do with them. He's sure that he should do something with them, it just wouldn't be right not to. So, he's currently holding a pair up looking at them, trying to come up with something he should do. Maybe his mother would like new fur accessory.

He's tiny, and greenish grey, with long white hair, gold eyes, and is covered in scratches and bite marks. He is wearing a dark dyed linen tunic and pants, and a pair of leather shoes. His hair is covered in leaves, sticks, and other forest detritus.


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