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About telepathy and The Force
More info on Wraith and Guide
Name: Guide – “one who goes alone, ahead. One who is sure-footed and certain, capable of finding a way for others who follow behind.” AKA Todd- name given him by John Shepherd.
Date of Birth: Sometime around 8,095 BC in Modern Earth Years
Sex: Male
Species: Wraith
Height- 6’5” of Earth measurement
Eye Color- Yellow
Skin- Grey Green
Hair- White, usually worn long and drawn back.
Distinctive marking- Star shaped tattoo above the left eye
Clothing ect- Guide tends to wear leather pants, coat, and boots of leather usually in very dark colors ranging from brown to black. He tends to not care so much about the state of his appearance unless he is meeting with a queen. Most of the time, he wears an everyday coat boots most, however, if he is to deal with a queen, he will wear a nicer coat and boots, and even clean his claws. His best coat is best described as antique.

Personality: Guide is a natural leader; he has overseen several units of warriors (known as blades and drones), as well as several ships including cruisers and hives. He is an old wily Wraith- having been born at the beginning of the Ancient-Wraith war- who wants the best for his people. This is part of the reason why he has made an alliance with the Lanteans. This alliance has lead him to develop a strange respect for humans and as such he is willing to help with several experiments that were very risky. Despite this he is still arrogant when dealing with humans. Due to having grown up during the Ancient-Wraith war he’s got some deep-seated issues, that may crop up from time to time in play. He also is still dealing with the loss of his queen and daughter some 20 years before SGA. He is going to be played through being captured by the Geni and starved. I am not sure exactly how I will deal with this, but it will probably be astral projection- this will not only help keep people from being eaten, but will help him kill time.

Background: Born at the beginning of the war with the Ancients, Guide-known as Todd to the Lanteans- has served under several queens in his time. We do not know many of them, but we do know about Snow, his last queen. He was consort to Snow, and he fathered a daughter with her named Alabaster. Both are lost to him 20 or so years before the arrival of the humans from Earth in Atlantis. He regrets greatly the loss of both his queen and his daughter, though, he does his best to keep these thoughts to himself as they might be seen as weakness. Those in Milliways that can read minds might be able to catch these thoughts, however, since his species is telepathic he can hide his most personal thoughts well. About three years after the loss of his queen and daughter he was captured by the Geni . There he was imprisoned, studied, and starved. In 2006, he and Shepherd escaped from a crazy man named Koyla, Guide has been working to gain his position back within the ranks of the Wraith society.
His most recent queen was killed in the skies above the Atlantis and he has been running his hive without a queen for some time. This is not a normal in Wraith culture, as a matter of fact is it considered twisted. Wraith culture is a matriarchal society and even in his dealings with the Lanteans he has shown difference to dealing with Col. Carter and Teyla. Because of this, he has gone so far as to bring Teyla Emmagan-posing as a Wraith Queen- into his plans to help secure his position within his society.

Abilities: He is a Wraith and he does need human life force to survive. This is not pleasant for the human at all and usually leads to death. He does not enjoy torturing his food, he finds that distasteful, and he believes the human herds should be cared for. Related to this feeding mechanism he can also give life to either human or Wraith, this is not done lightly, it is essentially a regurgitation of his food source, and means he must feed later. He has strong regenerative powers that are directly related to their feeding. They can withstand injuries that would have killed a human many times over and even regenerate missing limbs. It is stated in the show that Wraith- if fed properly- can essentially live forever. They can also be killed when injuries are inflicted faster than their regeneration can compensate. There are also a few weapons floating around, a virus or two, and a few other ways to kill a Wraith.

Guide is telepathic, not the kind where he can read your innermost thoughts, but he can pick up on intentions, and those thoughts that you are yelling in your head. You know the kind, like if I were to say, "Don't think of pink elephants." All you can think of are pink elephants, he'd pick up on the thought, as in it's yelling. I am leaving it to you guys weather or not your telepathic pups can hear him or if they are on differing frequencies. Guide can also project what are called ghosts. They are, as I would describe them, grey or white translucent dementors.

For Force users and sensitives, you might be able to pick up on his telepathy but imaging it is like a radio station with the dial slightly tuned to the left... a bit out of sync. One might be able to sense his nature as a creature that feeds on life force.

Guide is telepathic; however, he cannot read the minds of humans though it seems he can pick up on some information like intention, emotion, and a stray thought or two. Some Wraith can project elaborate illusions into the minds of humans Guide can only project the ghost like images that his kind use to distract opponents and prey. He primarily communicates within a telepathic network within the Wraith community. This seems to be at the surface of the mind, and he can hide personal feelings and thoughts further down in the layers of his mind. Wraith communication within this network uses their language, but they also communicate in concepts and sometimes images. This does not preclude the use of non-verbal communications, whether it is in his posture, facial expressions, or noises. Some of these vocalizations are used to denote humor, anger, pleasure, and others such things. These are usually growls, laughs, and hisses. However, when they feel the need, when speaking to humans, or when speaking over messages (Ship to ship etc.) they seem to use physical speech.
While Guide is a blade he also has the knowledge and skill to work in the sciences. He has helped in both biological and computer engineering. Not all blades can do this, but his mother was known for birthing blades with the mentality of clevermen (scientists). So, while he is primarily a commander and blade, he can work in the sciences as well.

A note on Wraith keeping pets:
Wraith do keep sentient beings as pets. They are thought of as we would see a cat, dog, or a trained monkey. They are pets, no sexual feelings or thoughts there at all. If Guide does choose a human in the bar as a pet, PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT AS SEXUAL HE'S NOT A DAMN HUT!!!! Also, I will ask before Guide mentions or acts on pet taking, because of past interactions that involved some weird misunderstanding.

I will state again, just because Guide, yes a grown male, may take humans as pets, there ARE NO SEXUAL FEELINGS AT ALL.

Weaknesses: Guide can be brought down by a barrage of bullets, usually a lot from some kind of machine gun. He can also be killed by explosions, and other such physical threats. He can be poisoned by the Hoffin drug survivors. He can also be starved to death. He also seems to choose ambitious officers, though he has found that this can be bad. He is quite arrogant, and this can get him into trouble, sometimes.

Disclaimer: Todd is from Stargate Atlantis, and is the property of MGM. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, [community profile] panfandomsandbox, and [community profile] mixed_muses from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Played by [personal profile] annalalaith
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